• Jerry's retirement fundraiser - After over 25 years of service and brotherhood, our beloved cook, Jerry Edwards is retiring this year. We'd like to send him off with a warm thanks for everything he's done for LXA - click the image to donate

Construction of our new fraternity home at 209 E Armory is in its final stages!

We are 100% certain that this goal is within our grasp, but we need financial support from brothers like you to cross the finish line.  Please spend some time on this website to understand the project, and call any of the board members with questions you may have.


Recent Donors

  • Vincent Galloro ’90
  • Nathan Kaufman ’94
  • Maury Jones ’85
  • Kevin James O’Shaughnessy ’87
  • Kenneth T. Stead ’74
  • Craig E. Samuelson ’93
  • Braidy L. Hart ’87
  • Adrian Honer ’88


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