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Lambda Chi Alpha’s success depends on our volunteer alumni brothers across North America. Since 1909 more than 255,000 men have carried the lamp. Given the pivotal importance of alumni brother support for day-to-day chapter operations, and ultimately to a chapter’s long-term success, the critical contributions from alumni brothers fall into three categories: time, talent, and treasure. For a chapter to survive and thrive, it needs older, more experienced alumni brothers to show the undergraduate brothers the Lambda Chi Alpha way.



Lambda Chi Alpha chapters need alumni brothers who have the time to attend some or all of the following:

– Weekly meetings

– Recruitment functions

– Executive committee meetings

– Philanthropy events


In addition, the Fraternity needs alumni brothers who have the time and interest to mentor undergraduate brothers. An alumni brother who can invest his time and energy will add a stronger Lambda Chi Alpha presence and create an atmosphere of shared passion for the chapter.



In addition to time, alumni brothers can contribute talent. These are alumni brothers who had notable experiences as undergraduates and perhaps served as chapter officers or as advisors in other institutions. Bringing these types of talents to the undergraduate brothers will be of considerable assistance.



As for treasure, Lambda Chi Alpha needs alumni brothers who may not have the time, nor have had the experiences, but do feel they can offer some financial assistance so the undergraduate brothers may attend General Fraternity functions or other university leadership programs. Interested alumni can allocate specific funding for ritual equipment, recruitment efforts, setting up scholarships, or contributing to a dedicated fund to enable brothers and associate members to attend events like General Assemblies and Leadership Seminars. These donations can be some of the strongest ways to help the chapters survive and thrive, providing undergraduate brothers with opportunities to attend General Fraternity events where they can visit with their peers operating within Lambda Chi Alpha.


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