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Chi Zeta Launches H.G. Menke Mentoring Program

The Alumni Association is proud to announce that it has launched the H.G. Menke Mentoring Program to connect undergraduate Chapter members with Chi Zeta alumni. The goal of the program is to provide important guidance and counseling for our student members, including career, networking and social growth objectives.  Alumni have a wealth of knowledge and experience that the mentoring program seeks to make more accessible to those who can benefit from it the most.
Named for Harry “H.G.” Menke, Chi One and our first High Alpha, the program operates through a powerful online platform developed by Denver-based, Civicore.  Brothers (both alumni and active) can enter profile information, which includes education, professional career, hobbies, and community involvement, and then find others with similar areas of interest.

Graduates  alumni

As a mentor, what are the benefits of the Mentoring Program?

  • To have the ability to give back to Lambda Chi Alpha by helping Chi Zeta chapter members grow personally, scholastically, and professionally.
  • To communicate with chapter members who fit the hiring needs of your company for internship and full-time employment opportunities.
  • To network with fellow Chi Zeta alumni who can assist in your professional development and growth.
  • To find and re-connect with classmates from your time at the University of Illinois.

As a mentee, what are the benefits of the Mentoring Program?

  • To communicate with Chi Zeta alumni regarding internship and full-time employment opportunities.
  • To connect with Chi Zeta alumni who can provide guidance on career development and post-graduation relocation.
  • To receive guidance from former Chi Zeta officers and committee members on how to effectively manage and grow the Chapter.
  • To have a gateway into the Chi Zeta alumni community for other personal or professional development needs.


If you are interested in participating in the H.G. Menke Mentoring Program, please register using the links below:

New Mentor Application link:

New Mentee Application link:

Any questions or inquiries regarding the H.G. Menke Mentoring Program may be directed to lxahgmenkementor@gmail.com.


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