Preserving Lambda Chi Alpha Heritage

Dave Dutton ’87 X1288 Finds Solace in Building Communities

One of the many great things about joining a fraternity is that it has the unique ability to allow students to step out of their comfort zone with ease and embrace the college life with little hesitation. Dave Dutton ’87 X1288 decided to join Lambda Chi Alpha because of the community around him. “Tad Edwards ’85 X1237 and Jeff Rupp ’85 X1249 were guys I played basketball against in high school and they were Lambda Chis. My sister was also part of the Greek community as a Pi Phi. With the Greek system being such a big part of the U of I campus experience, I was interested, and the guys at Lambda Chi just fit my personality,” he says.
One of the reasons Dave supports the capital campaign is due to the great memories that Chi Zeta has provided over the years. “I have spent more time with the men of Lambda Chi during some of my most formative years,” he says. “These lifelong friends have been a strong foundation of my life in helping to navigate all the ups and downs life throws. I want to preserve and share this experience for young men at the university for the next 100 years.”
Dave has learned a great deal from his days at Chi Zeta. The bonds of brotherhood have taught him compassion and understanding. He continues these lessons in everyday life as an educator at Urbana High School. “It’s a small way to pay back the opportunities that other members provided us.” Not only does he teach mathematics, but he has set aside time every year for the past four years to take students from Urbana High to the Mississippi Delta for a week long trip. The students work on Habitat for Humanity and learn about the effects of institutional racism in the South. “It opens your eyes to how fortunate you are and how you can have an impact on the world,” he says.
Throughout his career and fraternity experience, Dave makes a point to continuously cultivate relationships. “The fraternity has done that for many members, their families, and friends. I see a new house as preserving our heritage while positioning us for future growth,” Dave says. “While it has been a tremendous undertaking, the campaign to raise funds and build a new house, it has brought along new friendships in working with members from other classes. When it is finally complete, we will all be able to look at what has been accomplished with great pride and hope for the future of Lambda Chi Alpha.”
In addition to teaching, he also works part time for the athletic department at the U of I. He has been married to his wife, Tina, for 28 years and they have two adult sons, Tad and Alec. E-mail:


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